Green Meadows Rabbitry

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Welcome to Green Meadows Rabbitry!! This is a family owned business located in the South Bay. Since 2012, we've focused on customer satisfaction. We have had many customers over the past four years and it's been a great experience dealing with them! We want to satisfy you next with a sweet bunny you won't regret buying! 

Here's how we do things. If you happen to contact me while we are "out of stock", I'll save your name and number/email and let you know when the babies are born. Upon request, I will send pics of the babies to you so that you have an idea of the colors we have. Once they're 3wks of age(and older), you may schedule an appointment to come see the babies. I allow customers to hold the bunny, play with it and just watch its personality. It usually doesn't take very long before the customer(s) has their bunny(s) picked out:) I inform you of the price of each right when I bring them out. If you would like to reserve a bunny, a deposit of half the total price is required. WE WILL NOT HOLD A BUNNY WITHOUT A DEPOSIT. A receipt will be given to you. Please keep your receipt until the pick up date. The rest of the amount due is required when you pick up the bunny. Our bunnies do NOT go home before 8wks of age. It is illegal to take the baby from its mom before then. Our bunnies go to their new home with a small bag of food. Their nails are also clipped before they leave our care. Pedigrees are given without charge UPON REQUEST. Unless otherwise stated, most of our babies do have papers. Care sheets are not given in person. On the 'Holland Lop' page, there is a downloadable caresheet. It downloads as a pdf. If you happen to not be able to download the caresheet, PLEASE inform me before pick up date so that we can have one printed for you. 

I hope that all makes sense to you! If not, feel free to email or text me with any questions. Thank you to all who have done business with us! If anyone you know is looking for a bunny, feel free to give them our contact information. 

~Gaby Logoluso,
Green Meadows Rabbitry

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